Trackman Launch Monitor

The TrackMan numbers are the brain behind it all. All major stakeholders of the game, without exception, use and trust our numbers for two main reasons: precision and reliability. With TrackMan, you will quickly understand why and how they use our data in their daily work. 

We track the full trajectory of any shot, from 6 foot pitches to 400 yard drives, pinpointing the landing position with an accuracy of less than 1 foot at 100 yards. We also display the shot’s 3D trajectory together with 26 impact and ball flight parameters in real time (data is delivered within 1 second).

“The insight TrackMan provides also enables me to optimize the clubs in my bag. I know for instance, that the driver I am using will give me the best result because of the extensive testing I’ve done with TaylorMade on TrackMan. When you can trust and document that the clubs you are using are the right equipment for you, it is a definite confidence booster,” - Martin Kaymer (2014 US Open Champion).