William Edgar

After 6 months or poor driving Scott Gourlay at Craigmillar Park was recommend by a friend to get fitted for a new driver. I booked myself in for a Thursday evening and I had a new driver by the Saturday afternoon. I was hitting my old driver on average 220 but was only hitting on average 3-4 fairways a round. After being fitted and learning about my attack angle it's completely transformed my entire game.

To ensure I got the best from my new driver I booked a lesson with Peter Arnott on the following Tuesday evening 6 days later, to work on my attack angle which was -7 when I started, the best I hit after spending time with Peter was +5.5 - a complete and utter game changer!

In less than a week I've gone from hitting my driver 220 at best to now consistently hitting 250 with my best recorded at 272, mainly down to my attack angle. Coupled with hitting more fairways with my new driver, my new distance is also now meaning I'm hitting more greens in regulation because I'm now hitting two clubs less to get there i.e. old swing driver, 4 iron, is now driver 6 or 7 iron to the green. More birdie putts and more pars, handicap rapidly going down from 12 and single figure now a reality. 

I couldn't be happier. Anyone having difficulty with driving and I'm sure any part of your game - get down to see these guys - they use all the latest tech. They also don't bamboozle you, use good simple logic and examples that you can easily and quickly translate into your swing. Cheers