Why Custom Fitting?

We have invested in the best hardware and stock the best clubs shafts and grips to help you play better golf. You and your swing are unique.

Whether you are a competitive player, a beginner or at any level in between, you will definitely benefit from properly fitted clubs.

At Scott Gourlay Golf Technology we not only know how to custom fit, we use the latest Trackman® technology to get it right everytime.

At Scott Gourlay Golf Technology, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best Custom Fit possible for your new golf clubs.

The biggest tragedy is to watch a golfer try to mould their body and swing to accommodate an ill-fitting club.

And as a golfer, there is nothing more frustrating than buying club after club searching for that elusive model you can hit well consistently.

“Accurate custom fitting is for all golfers, not just professionals or single digit handicap players”
Tiger Woods, 

There is a better way.

At Scott Gourlay Golf Technology, custom fit clubs not only assure you a more consistent game but will be a tremendous cost savings in the long run.

We have a full fitting option made up of the SGGT 7 Step Club Fitting Process.

Smart money says get professionally fit in the right club with the right shaft the first time. Not only will you save money you will have years of enjoyment by playing a better game.