Scuba Loft and Lie Machine

Scuba Loft and Lie Machine 


Over a period of time the lofts and lie’s of your irons can move slightly giving uneven loft gaps between your clubs and either a heel down or toe down strike pattern producing off target shots! This is more so the case for forged headed irons as the metal is softer therefore easily moves in a shorter period of time.

The SCUBA was developed to bend irons and wedges anywhere. Designed on wheels for portability, the machine uses a mechanical jack to bend lofts and lies steadily and consistently to improve precision and dramatically reduce the possibility for breakage.

 The SCUBA bending machine uses a digital display to present loft and lie readings.

Both the mechanical actuator and digital display are battery powered which makes the portability even easier.

Here at SGGT we provide a loft and lie adjustment service. If you feel like your clubs may need a slight tweak or simply want to confirm the loft and lies are correct then please drop them off and we can measure them up in-store.